The Timeline of Books–Past, Present, and Future….

Here’s a photograph that makes me very happy. Can you guess why?
Version 2

It’s a picture of all my books since The Cabinet of Earths! And those three little notebooks at the right end of the photograph….?

Well, those are the notebooks in which I’ve been plotting/planning the next three books!

I’m exceedingly fond of little plotting notebooks. Each project has its own, from the very earliest days (and usually more than one, as I make my way through all those drafts). I try to pick out notebooks that suggest something (to me) about the story gestating inside:

green dinosaurs? = a farm town long ago, as war approaches!
contour maps of hills? = shenanigans in the silent film era! (I KNOW, I KNOW: the connection is OBSCURE! But it works for me…..)
deep blue ground speckled with bumpy patterns of dots? = constellations and danger!

Not every notebook turns into a beautiful published novel–but every notebook MIGHT, so I’m giving them their proper place here, on the part of the timeline that whispers hopefully about the future….

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